Creative Gaming Revolution is working on two games. The first is a choose your own adventure story for children up to age 10. The other is a running game for all ages. We can’t wait to give you a peek!

The Sad Goblin!

Oh, you poor dear!

Take a journey with Yonny the Goblin boy as he goes about his day. What will he wear? Will he eat his breakfast or play with his friends? You decide his day! Will Yonny have a happy ending, or will Yonny be a Sad Goblin!

Yonny in fun clothing!

A game designed not only for the general public but also for the blind and hearing-impaired. This is a story every child can enjoy! The game will be a paid app on Android and Apple but without ads! And when it succeeds, other Yonny stories will follow!

Yonny is nearing completion. With only a little voice acting and a few pictures left, this game will soon be on the market near you! But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of having some merchandise now! Get your kid ready for the story with our Yonny kid’s clothing line. What a great way to be ready for the launch of this exciting new app!

Bacon Penguins!

Some people like to make their food look like something, but when the Mouth family made bacon penguins, they got a big surprise. The penguins got up and waddled away. The Mouths are now chasing them, but there is no way the penguins will be Breakfast. Help them escape the Mouths and live free and happy!



Meet the breakfast that got away! Lucie has a beak, webbed feet, and the will to run! She may be a slice of bacon, but that isn’t going to stop her from waddling into your hearts and off the breakfast table.

Bacon may make everything better, and Lucie is no exception. Watch her jiggle and wiggle as she waddles over the breakfast tables to escape the Mouths. Her specialty is jumping, and boy, can she spring over obstacles! But sliding isn’t her thing. If it takes a lot of belly time, she knows she will be in trouble, but she doesn’t want to be caught. Can you help her make her escape?



Tyson was the chief’s second attempt at a bacon penguin. With just a little chicken filler and covered in bacon, Tyson was supposed to be the most realistic looking bacon penguin he could make. He succeeded, and Tyson is grateful for his sleek penguin form! Now he can slide to safety like a champ. None of the other penguins can slide as he can, but he can’t seem to jump very well.

He knows the Mouths will stop at nothing to satisfy their hunger! Can you get him through the levels and to safety?



Quaker was the final penguin. The Mouth family didn’t want chicken in their bacon like Tyson, they wanted pure bacon, but Lucie wasn’t enough. So the chef came up with one last penguin.

Quaker was the best of both worlds. Pure bacon but looks like a penguin. He just had to be the tastiest! But he wasn’t sticking around to let them find out. Decent at jumping and sliding, Quaker has the skills to get away, but do you?


This game has started production and is well on its way, but the artwork is still in the works. Most of what you see here is concept art, and we need both time and money to complete it fully. With your support, we can make this game a reality. Go to our merchandise link, get your Bacon Penguin Merch today, and help us get this game to you!