Glory and Power

Creative Gaming Revolution was truly founded on the top of Mrs. Gehrig’s dining room table as the founders of CGR spent their teenage years creating their tabletop RPG Glory and Power to entertain themselves. Now they are working on bringing that story to you!

Norman Castle in country Broma in Glory and Power.

Imagine a world limited by only your imagination. A game in which you play a story in our own world, or the one we already have fleshed out! Anything is possible, from fighting dragons to simply fishing is possible.

Our unique dice rolling system allows for anything you can imagine and any world you would like to create. Our world-building book will give you step by step tutorial on how to build your very own world, from making maps to making enemies.

Your starter’s kit will come with everything you need to have a great time on your very own table, fun for the whole family!

Our founders have all the rules and info needed to get this gaming RPG completed. All that is left is getting it organized and written out so that you can also share in the excitement our founders have enjoyed for decades. It will take some time to get it all organized for you but once done, be looking for Glory and Power, the RPG tabletop system being available for you!

The Art of War!

A collectible card game where you get to take the greatest ancient armies in history into battle. Ride with Alexander the Great while you lead his Macedonians to glory! Conquer the world with the Romans as the legions obey your commands! Fight your friends as the Spartans and show them no Mercy!

But as with most collectible card games, why stop there. You are the commander, and you drive the battle. Use Carthaginian war elephants with your Chin Dynasty forces! Mix and match Macedonians with Persians! Or give yourself a challenge and go all-in with an army of peasants! Are you good enough to win?

The game is complete, only lacking the artwork to get to market. Currently, time no time table for this game is set as our artists are currently hard at work with our video game task, but send us your voice. If you wish to see this game put further up the list, let us know in the comments below. We value your opinion!