Jane and the Fighting Quoins.

Paden had spent several years as a grunt in Ozzy’s fighting company, but now Ozzy was retired, and Paden had his chance to follow his dreams finally. With the money, he saved he had the chance to charter his own company with the fighter’s guild, but there was a catch. He wasn’t considered experienced enough.

At Brawler rank, Paden was still considered too green to lead his own troop. He needed something, anything to convince others to follow him. So when a chance encounter with the beautiful Paladin, Jane, allows him to show what he can do, he jumps at it. But was it more than he bargained for?

Follow Paden and Jane through their adventures as they encounter skeletons, vampires, and dragons! Watch as Paden grows his company and tries to become the best fighter’s troop in Broma. But will the dangers be too much, our will Paden and Janes’s affections be the real danger to the Fighting Quoins?

The Voyages of the Paralos!

Alexander Preston had few goals left in life. He had a beautiful wife. Two wonderful daughters. His mining company was flourishing. There was nothing but great times in his future, or so he thought. But when arriving home from a routine trip, he finds his home attacked. His people taken, including his wife and daughters! Nothing could have prepared him for this, and nothing could have prepared the stars for his wrath!

Follow captain Preston and crew as they embark on a crusade to get their people back from the Mutar slavers. A race of warlike aliens who see humans as just another step on their path to universal conquest. Read his stories as he pilots a state of the art battle cruiser stolen from his very own government. Feel his anger as he fights not only his enemies but everyone else as he tries desperately to find his missing family, co-workers, and anyone else the galaxy has miss treated!