Creative Gaming Revolution was founded by three friends who spent their childhood creating and making stories for their homemade Role Playing Game, Glory and Power. However, Phillip Chauncey always dreamed of doing more. So after earning his degree in programming, he got his friends Robert Gehrig and Christopher Rohan together and proposed that they make the quality games and stories they had always hoarded for themselves and share them with the world. Thus Chauncey Gehrig Rohan was born!

But let’s face it, that name sounds like an attorney’s firm chasing car crashes. So with a little thought and great relief, it was changed to Creative Gaming Revolution, and your new entertainment company was truly born!

Our Goals!

Our primary goal at Creative Gaming Revolution is to create and distribute quality entertainment. We hope to be your first choice when seeking entertainment and grow to be a powerhouse in that market.

With that in mind, we will need your help and support. Like many start-up companies, our resources are limited, and we cannot start out making AAA games. However, we can produce and distribute apps and other media to build our way up to console games.

Please follow us on our media sites and enjoy our media as it is produced. We value your support by using our products and make it our ultimate goal to make each product of the highest quality we can.

So knowing all this let’s move on to the media we will first be focusing on.

Video Games

Creative Gaming Revolution was founded to make games the world will want to play. Like most companies, we have had to start small, but just because a game is small doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a ton of entertainment.

Our current works will set our games’ foundation with projects like the Sad Goblin and Bacon Penguin. Yet we won’t stop there!

Norman castle from our world Glory and Power!

In the future, we will start bringing you 3D and adventure games as we head closer to the role playing game foundations of our founders.

Imagen exploring unique new landscapes as you explore caves and dungeons in our world, Glory and Power!

But our games won’t stop there. We have plans for space games, puzzle games, and everything in-between. So click on this game link to be taken to our current video game projects and see the future of Creative Gaming Revolutions!


We are working on several books and other written content for your entertainment, such as ‘Jane and the Fighting Quoins’ and ‘The Voyages of the Paralos.’ But we plan to bring to you many other stories following many of our worlds and those yet to be created.

Some stories will take you to the stars! Others will have you go toe to toe with demons and dragons! With the written word, anything is possible, and we will be bringing you to all of that possibility. To see what projects we are working on now, click on the stories link and see what exciting books will be coming to a store near you!

Table Top

The founders of Creative Gaming Revolution started out with just kids around a table. They had invented their own tabletop role-playing game and idled away many hours creating and playing it. This was their first love and they wish to share that with the world.

At first, we plan to improve our homemade games and package them up for you to also enjoy. But as we grow we will evolve in the tabletop market as well. Board games and card games will also be produced to go along with our RPG systems.